Filing and reviewing insurance claims. Engaging in litigation. These are stressful, high-stakes situations. 

RMFA is here to make that process less overwhelming and less daunting. We promise fast turnaround. You will have consistent communication when you need it and when you want it.  We are objective. And having experience on both sides of insurance and litigation matters means that we can help you anticipate the strategy of the opposing side and offer insight into their perspective.  We are experts in fraud investigations, fidelity / crime insurance claims, cyber insurance claims and litigation support because we specialize in these areas.  With any number of general practices to choose from, it is our expertise in these specialty areas that sets us apart. 

We know these matters are of utmost importance to you. And that means they are of the utmost importance to us.  Contact RMFA in confidence if you have a matter we can assist you with.

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Practice Areas

RMFA provides niche expertise in the following areas of practice:

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The RMFA Difference

Regardless of background or level of knowledge, all our clients are treated with professionalism and respect. All files, regardless of size or complexity, are treated as a top priority. That’s our promise.