Fidelity / Crime Insurance Claims

Fidelity / crime insurance can allow businesses to recover some or all of their losses if they are the victim of employee dishonesty.  This type of insurance can cover losses resulting from the theft of cash, inventory, and other assets, as well as losses caused by an employee colluding with other parties, such as vendors or customers.

RMFA can assist businesses in preparing a fidelity claim for their insurer, and work for insurers to review claims submitted by insureds.  Our role can include:

  • Developing an understanding of the business’ accounting systems and internal controls
  • Identifying the documents required to support the losses to be presented
  • Investigating areas of the business where a misappropriation may have occurred, to identify all potential areas of loss
  • Conducting interviews with the employee suspected of wrongdoing or other employees
  • Quantifying the losses suffered by the business in accordance with the insurance policy
  • Preparing an expert report for insurance purposes, explaining the scheme and how the losses were quantified
  • Collaborating with the insured and insurer to answer any questions regarding our work
  • Assisting with litigation proceedings that may be filed against the employee in criminal and / or civil court

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